Plamil Expressions – a minty dark chocolate that’s sugar-free…



I had such high hopes for this. The initial flavour is deep and dark, very chocolatey and delightfully minty. It melts nicely in the mouth and has a beautiful aroma. But the aftertaste 😦 The sweetener in this is xylitol, which I guess doesn’t work well with chocolate.

I’ve tried another chocolate by this brand. It was a ‘milk’ chocolate but made with soy instead of dairy milk as well as being sugar-free. It was horrid. I couldn’t finish it and ended up throwing it away. Which to me is sacrilege. You just don’t throw chocolate away. Perhaps I’ll steer clear of this brand in future.


The search continues.

Until later,



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  1. Do you ever think xylitol sounds like…I don’t know, an anti-depressant or something? I didn’t know it was ‘natural’ until just recently.


    1. veelaz says:

      Haha Yeh it does sound rather… chemically but a lot of ingredients sound that way and paranoia automatically makes us think ‘No! It’s got too many syllables! Must be BAD!’ When actually no… many ingredients dont. That’s not to say that a lot of chemical rubbish isn’t put into food but Yeh.. .


      1. Well, I was taught in school science class that if it ends in -ol, it’s an alcohol. And it’s odd to start with a xy! I think they should have given it another name.


      2. veelaz says:

        It’s what’s known as a polyol


      3. veelaz says:

        A sugar alcohol. It’s derived from sugar but doesn’t affect the body in the same way.


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